Civic Engagement

As a university with a public mission, UCLA must make a difference in the civic life of Los Angeles and positively impact people around the world.

Our campus already is deeply invested in this through the efforts of our students, faculty and staff. We bolster initiatives in community-based, applied and translational research — innovations that can be brought to the marketplace to improve quality of life.

UCLA provides widespread programs in civic education through classroom instruction, service learning and professional training. An outstanding example is the first UCLA Community School, which opened in 2009 in partnership with the Los Angeles Unified School District and community organizations, and employs UCLA’s expertise in K–12 education in an underserved neighborhood.

International engagement is also critical. Our location on the Pacific Rim affords UCLA the opportunity to pursue meaningful partnerships with peer institutions in Asia, the Pacific and Latin America. These relationships will enhance our faculty’s research capabilities and expose our students to critical global issues.