UCLA hosts Association of Pacific Rim Universities annual meeting

Global Outreach

As chair of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities, Chancellor Block hosted more than 130 university presidents, senior leaders and guests representing 16 countries for the APRU Annual Presidents’ Meeting June 23-25 at UCLA.

With the theme of “Universities in an Age of Global Migrations,” the meeting brought together representatives from Pacific Rim campuses to discuss the challenges and opportunities for academia that are presented by international migration.

Keynote speakers included Jared Diamond, UCLA professor of geography and Pulitzer Prize-winning author; Suzanne Boda, American Airlines senior vice president for Los Angeles; Pradeep Khosla, UC San Diego chancellor; and Ram Ramanathan, UC San Diego professor of applied ocean sciences and professor of atmospheric sciences. Founded more than 20 years ago, APRU is a network of leading universities linking the Americas, Asia and Australasia to exchange ideas and collaborate on effective solutions to the challenges of the 21st century.