Thousands of Bruins volunteer across Los Angeles

Civic Engagement

Chancellor Block and Mrs. Block joined Bruins at UCLA Volunteer Day 2016 at Hoover Street Elementary School, where they helped beautify the campus and donated school supplies.

“It’s to give our students a sense of public service,” said Chancellor Block. “This really reinforces the view that you’re at a public institution and part of your obligation is to help. Hopefully, this will inculcate in a lot of our students a lifelong commitment to being involved in volunteer work.”

UCLA volunteers painted the playground with a map of the United States, added school logos to the basketball courts and painted the cafeteria.

“Those [volunteers] are simply you in a few years,” Chancellor Block told the Hoover Street students. “Our hope is that in a few years all of you will be at UCLA. But I know that all of you will be in college.”

Thousands of volunteers took on projects throughout Los Angeles as part of the annual UCLA event.

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