Chancellor Block and students meet with lawmakers in Sacramento

Civic EngagementStudents

Chancellor Block and a group of students took an urgent message to Sacramento in April.

UCLA educates more undergraduates now than it did in 2010, yet total state funding has decreased significantly. To maintain the quality of a UC education, more funding is critical.

“My biggest concern was, where do students come into this conversation, who is voicing our concerns?” USAC president Arielle Yael Mokhatarzadeh said. “When it became clear that there was an opportunity for students and administrators to come together, I felt like it was important to try to forge that relationship and network as early as possible.”

Mokhatarzadeh, transfer student Dayshawn Louden, and Community Programs Office Student Association Chairperson Elizabeth Lizardo ended up forming the student coalition that brought this message to state legislators with Block.

“Traveling to Sacramento with this exceptional group of students really gave our advocacy efforts a boost,” Block said. “We wanted to show legislators that we are united in our desire to maintain and even enhance the quality of education that we offer to a diverse group of students on the UCLA campus. Investing in the UC really is vital.”

The advocacy team enjoyed meetings with a number of legislators, including Sen. Holly Mitchell (above).

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